Air Conditioner Change-Out

Air Conditioner Change-Out

Air Conditioner Change Out

If you consider change-out your old AC unit for a new one or just looking for an advice we will be happy to assist you.  We are firm believers that a change – out should be last resort, when no other options are available and shall benefit an owner in all way possible.

Air Conditioning Change OutIf your AC unit age is 12 -15 years old, it may be a good time to think about a change -out, but it all depends on how well your AC unit has been maintained.  Proven fact that preventive maintenance program is prolonging life cycle of the equipment by years.

Another consideration should be given to energy efficiency of your unit.  Older Air Conditioner has low seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER), which simply means a ratio between electrical energy your AC unit is consuming from the grid (Kw/hr reflected in your power bill) , end cooling energy being produced by the unit, for simplicity you may think of  SEER same as about MPG on a vehicle  , the higher number the better it is for your wallet and for our home – Planet Earth.

Older units in Florida typically have SEER equal 10, conversely, New units installed in Florida can’t be lower than SEER equal 14 by the state law. Air Conditioners with SEER higher than 14 are widely available on the market. For you it simply means better comfort for less money. Exact saving depends on many factors, but in average new unit can save $ 300-500 per year or more.

Also, there is some incentives available on a new installation from Florida or Federal government (subject to change).