AC Replacement- Free Estimate

AC Replacement- Free Estimate

 AHU GoodmanAC Replacement in Greater Orlando.

AC Replacement –   get a quote for reliable, high- efficiency and affordable equipment. Call 407.923.3371


  • When it is a time for AC replacement? Short answer – when AC equipment age is between 10-15 years or older. Keeping old equipment for an extra five years may cost the same as to install a new one, without taking into consideration compromising in comfort and humidity level in your house.


  • Zero or low out of pocket cost if you finance -A new AC system, such as Goodman, is way more efficient than your old one. It can significantly reduce your energy bill, some time to the point when you will have zero or very low out of pocket costs, if you finance, for example.


  • What brand is better? Quality of installation is way more important than Brand name. We are a dealer of Goodman and Trane, but we work with all the brands.


  • How much is the cost to replace AC?  It depends on the SEER rating and the scope of work. For  example, a 3-ton straight cool AC, Goodman, SEER 14, installed, for both units – indoor and outdoor, new thermostat, concrete pad for the outdoor unit, electrical heat strip  heater, permit, overflow safety switch, locking caps, hurricane strap, demolition and disposal of old equipment, warranty, installed on ground level – $ 5,558
  • 3-ton, SEER 18, two-stage compressor, variable speed AHU blower, AC straight cool, with the same options – $ 7,406


  • Rebates – always changing, as of now, 10/08/2019, Duke Energy offers $ 600 on SEER 17 and up Heat Pump.


  •  Warranty SEER 14 equipment -10 years parts, 1-year labor. An extended warranty on labor can be acquired, for up to 10 years, backed up by Goodman. SEER 18 equipment – 10 years parts, lifetime compressor, 10 years unit replacement, 3 years labor warranty for free of charge. 10 extended labor warranty available for extra price.



  • Financing – we offer easy and affordable financing options. Also, we have special programs there no credit needed. Click on the pics below to apply for financing.
  • AC financing


  • FREE ESTIMATE on SYSTEM REPLACEMENT – call 407.923.3371 to schedule free, no-obligation estimate.


  • Air Purification package – want to breath clean air? Asthma, allergies, fatigue? Let us help, we provide whole-house air cleaners which work way more efficient than a regular disposable air filter.


  • What else? – we provide ductwork replacement and copper lineset replacement for peace of mind and to reach maximum efficiency of your new system.